Finding The Best Options For Home Renovation Projects

Households who are seeking to create a more attractive environment and property owners who wish to improve the market value of their holdings may find that renovation efforts have much to offer. Replacing older floors that have begun to show signs of wear can do much to improve the overall appearance of a room or area. Finding the best material and installation options can make an important difference.

Home improvement efforts can vary considerably in terms of cost, overall scope and the level of results that homeowners will be able to enjoy. Outlining the details of a major project and planning to tackle jobs that will make the most visible difference can be an important step in the process. Older homes and properties that have been neglected for too long can benefit a great deal from home renovation efforts.

Floors are often overlooked when it comes to renovating or upgrading an existing property. While wall coverings, furnishings and other installations can also be an important considerations, replacing older floors can be an opportunity that homeowners will not want to overlook. Knowing more about the best material, resources and installation options ensures that such projects can be completed with greater ease.

Renovating an older home is not the only time that quality floors and installation options may be of benefit. Designing a new home or contracting with builders and construction services to create the perfect residence can be a very important undertaking. Finding and selecting materials that will allow for more attractive floors and interior atmospheres is an issue that future homeowners would do well to consider.

With so many different suppliers and retailers to choose among, finding those who offer the best value or the greatest range of product and material choices can become an important consideration. Dealing with the wrong outlet may leave property owners unable to find the selection, solutions and options they seek. Shopping with the best ensures that home improvement projects will not have to be limited in scope.

Even modest home alteration or renovations may entail considerable expense. Property owners who may have only a small or fixed budget to work with would be wise to find and make more cost effective material purchases. Spending too much on the materials needed to replace or upgrade a floor may result in greater financial strain than many households might suspect.

Online research is often very worthwhile when it comes to shopping around or comparing different types of floors and installations. Learning more about the various qualities of specific materials can be a much simpler undertaking for those who know where to look. Possessing better insight into the resources and materials that have the most to offer ensures that smarter purchases can be made.

Marble flooring can do much to transform an interior environment, room or space. Outlets and suppliers who have the best selection of products may prove to be an invaluable resource. Shopping for the best floors will be a simpler matter for those who choose to do business with the right supplier.

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Top 5 Time Wasters That Hurt Network Marketers

When you are a network marketing and work from home a great deal of the time there are plenty of things that can be time thieves. Here you will learn the top 5 time wasters that hurt network marketers.

#1 – Family & Friends (In Person)

Since we work from home, our family and friends often think that we are available just because we are not somewhere outside of the home working. It could be very innocent, something like, “Hey! Do you want chicken or beef for dinner tonight?” That is all that it takes to steal your focus and get your mind off in the wrong direction.

#2 – Family & Friends (Online)

Social media is great but when you are trying to work, you want to make sure that your notifications are off. If you have a Facebook tab up and it says you have even one notification, you may just be tempted to open it up and “just check for a minute.” Trolling social media liking and commenting on people’s photos and posts is not income producing activity.

#3 – Undone Tasks

If you home or business tasks that you have been putting off, these are going to distract you and waste your valuable brain power. If you have to put down whatever you are doing and get those things done, just do it.

#4 – Unqualified Leads

You may have leads to email or call but if they are not truly interested, you are wasting your time. Make them jump through a few hoops to ensure they are serious about learning more or you are just going to waste your time.

#5 – Missed Appointments

This has a bit to do with point number four. If you are dealing with unqualified leads you may be getting a lot of missed appointments. If you are booking that time and holding that spot for that lead and they do not show up, it is going to put you in a bad mood and you’ll waste your time being upset and trying to figure out something else to fill that time slot.

Don’t fall into these traps. You want to make sure that you set working hours so your friends and family know, clear up any tabs or notifications, get any undone tasks out of the way and only work with qualified leads.

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Six Reasons to Hire an Efficient SEO Expert

A well-informed and well-designed website is necessary but if you want to acquire all the goals related to digital marketing as well as get higher ranks in the Search Engine Result Pages, you would need a proper strategy. Optimal services of search engine optimization would not only enhance the rankings of your business in the search results but also provides your organization with that lift, where it could effectually enjoy high traffic, maximum conversion and better return on investments. Most of the leading companies are therefore hiring proficient people, who would build contemporary as well as organic tactics to gain best possible results for their customers. In the following discussion, we would explore the advantages of hiring an SEO expert.

Why a business must hire an SEO expert?

1. By hiring a competent person, you would be well-informed about the behaviors of your targeted customer. The specialists would conduct a thorough research on your visitors- where they come from, how much time they spend on your website, what actions they execute while they are on your site and many more. Based on these data, the experts would construct strategies and thus, enhance your online presence.

2. By hiring a professional, you are saving much time and money. They would take the extra load and allow you to concentrate on other significant functions of your business. They assure that you work within a well-defined budget. They build techniques only in accordance to your organizational goals and make alterations for better.

3. An experienced person could successfully speed up the marketing activities so that you could see steady improvements in organic rankings, conversion rates as well as sales. Enhanced ranks would prove your organization as reliable and build their authority as well as trust. Sustainable strategies would drive more traffic and convert the audience into faithful customers.

4. The best professionals would optimize your site through ideal codes and high-quality contents. They work to improve a site’s structure and uses relevant keywords, thus, making the site user-friendly. Such well-built websites would be easily detectable as well as navigable.

5. A talented professional would have all sorts of applicable knowledge as well as resources that could lead to successful promotion of sites. They know that which approach would be right for site, thus, limiting time wastage.

6. They give a new perspective, which would boost your online business. They assure increased ROI and also research on your competitors so that your organization could outperform them and always stay ahead.

Thus, the above-mentioned points make it clear that why a business owner must hire an SEO expert.

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5 Steps To Building A Profitable Home Internet Business In 2017

Building as profitable home internet business is not as complicated as you may think. You may be nervous about getting caught up with technical issues that seem impossible to understand. Or you might feel that you’re too old, too young or too inexperienced. Or you may just not know where to start.

As long as you know what you want to sell and who you want to sell it to, you’re ready to get started. Let’s take a look at the 5 steps to building a profitable home internet business.

1. Get Your Website Online

With modern software and technology, building a website is not that difficult. You definitely don’t have to start learning website coding or e-commerce programs. There are many online business systems that can be installed with a few clicks following step-by-step instructions. You can even outsource the whole set up if you feel that it’s too much for you.

2. Get People To Visit Your Website

Your home internet businesses will only make money if you get traffic to your website. Traffic is basically the number of people who visit your website. There are two ways to generate website traffic. You can buy website traffic or you can generate free website traffic. When you buy website traffic, it’s essentially paid advertising. It delivers instant results but the traffic stops as soon as you stop paying for it. So you have to ensure that you spend your money wisely. Free website traffic takes a little longer to generate, but once it starts, it can provide a regular flow of visitor traffic.

3. Provide Valuable Content For Free

It’s highly unlikely that somebody will buy from you the first time that they visit your website. You have gone to a lot of effort to get them to visit your website in the first place and you don’t want that work to go to waste. So, if you can obtain their email address, you can remain in contact with them. To encourage a website visitor to provide you with their email address, offer them something of value for free such a report, a discount or special offer. As long as it is relevant to your business and provides value.

4. Use Emails To Build A Relationship With Your Prospect

Email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective marketing strategies and you will need an email autoresponder. An autoresponder will automatically email your freebie when somebody requests it. It can then continue to send a pre-written series of emails to develop a relationship with your potential buyer.

5. Make Offers Or Recommendations

Email marketing is effective because you are providing regular and meaningful communications. The more value you provide, the more you will be seen as a trusted source of information. Then, when you make offers and recommendations about products and services to buy, your prospects are far more likely to buy from you because they trust your judgement.

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The New Age Of Marketing – Apply These Strategies And Build A Hugely Successful Business

In this article I want to cover 4 incredibly important marketing concepts that will help you be successful in your business. It is well-known that marketing is the foundation of a successful business. Nothing will guarantee your success faster than becoming really good at the science of marketing.

Are You Building Your Network?

This is the new age of marketing. In the old days, the philosophy seemed to be to destroy your competitors and gain the ultimate advantage. That is the old mindset, and one that is not going to serve you long-term.

Now, you must leverage the knowledge and audience of your competitors. Yes, you will still compete, but you will do so in a way that allows you to build partnerships with other business owners.

Focus on building your network and success is sure to follow. You are not going to live long enough to reach as many people as you will if you decide to master partnerships. So, reach out to other entrepreneurs and create your mastermind group today.

Your Arsenal Is Endless

The traditional marketing philosophy will have you believe that all you need if one big marketing strategy to create explosive results. Perhaps all you need is to place a commercial during a big television event.

Well, if your budget is big enough, perhaps that commercial will be enough. However, I want to challenge you to change your philosophy.

If you want to maximize your marketing success, you must start utilizing a combination of marketing strategies. I recommend picking out 5 solid techniques and applying them on a daily basis.

Also, just because we are living in the internet age doesn’t mean that you should ignore offline marketing methods. In fact, if you want to create optimal results, I urge you to use a combination of offline and online marketing strategies.

It’s About More Than Sales

The world of today is far from the world inhabited by your grandparents. Now, because of the internet and the social media revolution, focusing strictly on generating more sales is not enough.

Now, more of a focus must be placed on building relationships. People want to be connected with entrepreneurs who see them as more than just a number. In today’s marketing climate, the entrepreneur who decides to connect with their audience on an intimate level will outpace the one who is only focused on generating sales.

Welcome To The Technological Revolution

If you refuse to evolve, and if you refuse to embrace technology, you will be left behind. If you are challenged when it comes to using today’s technology, you need to make it a priority to get up to speed in this area.

Technology will make your life easier and will allow you to create results in your business you never thought possible. You need to master technology and allow it to take you to the next level.

In Conclusion

It is truly exciting to observe the revolution happening around us. You have so many marketing advantages today that were not available to the marketers of yesterday.

Your success is around the corner. Apply these philosophies in your business and you will eventually soar like an eagle. You are moments away from becoming the marketing superstar you were born to become.

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Why So Many People Will Talk You Out of Online Marketing

In this modern society where almost everything is digital, it is hard to believe that there are still those who prefer traditional methods, such as in the field of advertising.

Online advertising has been a hit in the last decade. Internet marketing has taken over businesses by storm and doubled their revenue. However, some people still see the field as unnecessary and taxing so they try to convince others to veer away. Below are other reasons why some individuals dislike online marketing:

Inability to adapt with technology

A person may refuse the method because they may not be technology savvy. They are afraid that technology is hard to monitor or manipulate so they choose to stay manual.

Mastery of craft

A lot of traditional people spent years perfecting their craft, so they believe that their capabilities are sufficient. Online marketing is a threat to physical advertising because it minimizes the need for logistics, hence the repulsion.

Less Jobs

Some people think that digital work reduces employment opportunities due to computers replacing manual labor. Only a handful of people are necessary to make internet marketing work.

Information Breach

Putting everything on the internet is a risk for hacking or information leakage that’s why many are skeptical about it. Online marketing requires a substantial amount of data that can be easily stolen or erased.

Lack of Equipment

Many marketers don’t have reliable internet or computers to handle critical work. Manual advertising is easier to delegate and segregate, so smaller businesses prefer it.

Lack of Empathy

Advertisers believe that online marketing is not good for client relations because it promotes a more detached form of communication and a robotic response. Manual advertising is more personal so it is easier to convince people.

Lack of Authenticity

Marketers are wary of online advertising because people nowadays are harder to convince, especially in terms of the authenticity of a product. Since everything can be manipulated or edited, they would have to work more to attract clients.

Population of Non-internet users

A big percent of the population is still manual so it is impractical to promote online marketing in these areas. Online commercials only work with regular exposure but if the audience only uses the internet a few times then it is a wasted effort. Manual advertising is beneficial when people are more inclined to support physical efforts or are part of a community network.

Promotes Mediocrity

Senior marketers believe that online marketing encourages laziness in the younger advertisers because most materials can be recycled, edited or rehashed. Marketing is a skill developed from experience and virtual training may not be enough to develop and create a better breed of advertisers.

Technology is a waste

People believe that using gadgets and computers are harmful to the health of workers so they don’t encourage the employment related to such. Manual advertising promotes brain functions through practice and personal relationships development. It is important for some people to backlog technology to help the environment.

Despite the many reasons why people may talk you out of online marketing, it is still undeniable that this form of marketing has a lot of potential. Learn how you can maximize the web when it comes to marketing your products and services, so you can expand your reach.

John Richards has many years of experience creating and developing books, eBooks, manuals, and videos, on a variety of subjects, including online wealth, pet care, Internet marketing, direct mail, health and wellness, and CD/DVD distribution service. John’s website provides ideas and practical advice for people who want to enjoy the rewards of earning an income from home using simple websites.

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7 Reasons to Use WordPress

WordPress is widely used by bloggers these days because it is super easy to use and it is free. Many of the small businesses these days use WordPress too for reaching out to a larger group of people. It is beneficial for the people who just don’t have enough time or money to own a website. Or, if you can spend a little money, you can easily get a domain name of your choice.

Let’s take a look as to why you should be using WordPress.

• It is Open Source. WordPress is self-hosted therefore there are no additional costs associated with downloading or upgrading. There are thousands of plugins available to install.

• It is highly customisable. One of the reasons why WordPress is mostly preferred is because it allows designers and developers to create and modify layouts. This flexible framework is definitely a big advantage.

• Designed for everyone. WordPress is designed for everyone and not just for the developers. It was developed by keeping in mind that everyone would be using it. And not every blogger is tech savvy. It is very easy to use and then there are many online written manuals available for you to easily learn how to use WordPress.

• It has lower maintenance cost. If you ever want to further customise or develop your website, it is relatively easier to find designers or developers for WordPress than others.

• WordPress is Search Engine friendly. WordPress was made to be Search Engine friendly. So, it automatically solves a lot of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) issues.

• WordPress is popular. Considering all the features that WordPress provides and how easy it is to use, there’s no doubt that it is one of the most popular web publishing systems. There are thousands of professional quality themes and plugins available making it popular amongst web designers and bloggers.

• WordPress is mobile web friendly too. There has been a major increase in the number of people surfing the Internet through smartphones and tablets. It’s not surprising as almost everyone owns a smartphone these days. Many WordPress themes are designed to be mobile friendly thereby making your website more user-friendly as readers won’t be challenged to use the website on their smartphone.

Considering all the reasons above, WordPress is definitely one of the best web publishing systems to use. No doubt it is the most used one too. It is one of the important things to remember.

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5 Profit Strategies Used By Affiliate Marketing Experts

The job of an online affiliate marketing expert is to help consumers find the products they need. They are the link between searching and solutions. Affiliate marketers have a unique advantage over product creators because they have none of the responsibility for developing the product or the management of affiliate programs.

But the online business world is competitive and there are many affiliate marketers who all want to reach the same customers. So how do the experts succeed where others struggle?

1. They Provide Valuable Information For Free

If you offer something of value for free to a prospect when they visit your website, in exchange for a their email address, you can send further information into their in-boxes. Keep in mind that what you give away for free is an indicator of the quality of the products you are promoting. The better value you provide, the more likely it is that a prospect will buy.

2. They Know The Best Programs And Products To Promote

An affiliate marketing expert will promote affiliate programs that pay excellent commissions and provide high quality products. There are a number of factors to think about when choosing affiliate programs. Firstly, make sure that they have products that your target audience actually want. Choose the ones that have a reliable track record of paying their affiliate on time. If you’re not making sales or not getting any support from the affiliate program, dump it and look for better ones.

3. They Have Multiple Income Streams

Don’t be dependent on just one product at one price to generate all your income. If you just sell just one product with no add-ons or up-sells your prospects will not have enough choices to pick from. Conversely, if you try and sell too many products you may confuse your customers and they’ll buy nothing. A successful affiliate marketer will have a good mix of related products that provide different income streams.

4. They Build Relationships With Their Prospects

An affiliate marketer expert will ‘tell rather than sell’. The main value of an affiliate marketer to any prospect is somebody who provides information. It’s how a prospect will come to trust your opinion. It’s what will make then open and read your emails. It will bring them back to your website and it’s what will motivate them to click on your affiliate links to make a purchase.

They Have Effective Sources Of Traffic

Website traffic is the business life-blood for an affiliate marketer. You have to ensure that you have constant flow of visitor traffic coming to your website and sales pages. You can buy website traffic or generate free website traffic. An affiliate marketing expert will use test various methods to see which works best to suit his target market.

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Network Marketers Neglect Offline Marketing at Their Own Peril

Everything is coming online these days. Sales and marketing are one of the biggest things that are going on but what about offline marketing? Is it still important and what are happens if network marketers neglect it?

I’ve been an internet marketer longer than I have been a network marketer. When I first got started the company advised me to get a get together at my house with my friends and show them the product and the business. Hmm… simple enough, right?

So, I did that and sold one or two boxes of the product but no one joined my business and one of the people actually stopped buying the product from me and bought from someone else because her husband had gotten it from them first. What a waste of 3 hours!

When I started taking my sales and recruiting online, the investment of time that I was putting into my business was much less and I could outsource a lot of the activities.

I was able to grow a decent size team. A lot of them were not around me but the ones that were, it just made sense to meet them in person. I can tell you that when we did meet up in person (once per month) the level of energy in our team skyrocketed. We were a family. It was super cool.

In the business I am in currently, almost all of my team members live at least 4 hours away from me so instead of meeting in person, we meet up on video chats.

I do have to say that we all make sure to attend our company conventions to get to see each other. After every convention, we come out bigger and better than ever.

The bottom line is that whenever you are building a team, you should get together and meet in person if at all possible. This helps with retention and let’s just face it, it’s a lot of fun to hang out with your team!

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Our Untapped Potential in 2017

Political Engagement

People have tremendous creative capabilities and resources. They spend thousands if not millions of hours posting to Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, criticizing movies and television shows in great detail and commenting on what has already been said and done and settled.

Imagine if that creative power was re-directed elsewhere. Imagine if that creative power had the ability to change something that had not yet been settled, where you could come in, curate and co-create with others, ideas that would have a real impact on your life.

This would not be about House of Cards, who the characters are and why they do what they do or Game of Thrones and how the main character in the story sometimes acted a certain way.

This would be about tackling some of the greatest problems we deal with globally on a day by day basis. Instead of attacking your opponent you would come up with real solutions and ideas that would remedy a problem. And you would do this all before the fact. You would do this when you still had a say. You would do this when there existed the possibility that your input would actually affect the eventual outcome in a meaningful way.


We’re talking about crowdsourced legislation at the pre-legislative stage.

Currently 535 people decide our fate on a daily basis and every day they propose new bills and ideas that they think will sell to the American people, that they think will solve one aspect of a particular problem. Usually the focus of these is quite narrow. I think people are put off and reluctant to participate because they think bills have to be written in a legislative bureau language, which is not true.

But the lawmakers don’t make it easy to participate nor do they encourage individual citizens to try these things out. The government is not innovative, particularly regarding their own processes and procedures. But that is beginning to change.

Laws as a Contest

In California from 2001 to 2012 there was a contest called There Oughta be a Law which was initiated by state Senator Joe Simitian. It provided a forum for citizens to come forward with ideas, in this case it was just their individual ideas for solving problems by suggesting laws. However other folks adopted it and some of those ideas and bills turned into actual laws. The initiative, Ballot measure and the referendum process in most states is another example of this but it is somewhat flawed. In California for a ballot measure to qualify it must garner more than 100,000 signatures. That’s a pretty tough thing to do. Think about it.

Imagine you write a novel, you put out a paragraph or two about its contents and you try to get 100,000 likes on Facebook. It’s almost impossible unless you pay people to “like” it ahead of time. You have the same issue here. So the originators often pay one dollar to five dollars to secure voter signatures. And that’s just to qualify for the ballot.

Other groups however are quite skilled at figuring out their issue, moving it forward, assisting with the writing of it, excluding anybody who does not believe in what they are doing and then going forward and working with lawmakers to get it done.

So what is the solution?

Instead of sitting in your basement and wondering what the government is going to do for you, you might want to think about what you can do for or with the government. Instead of staring at a problem and thinking someone else is going to take care of it, you could look at it and ask what special skills, knowledge or information do I have that I can contribute to making a positive change?

Imagine transforming from a passive individual who accepts whatever is thrown at you to an active, thoughtful, resource seeking individual who use uses your internal guidance, intellectual capabilities and your higher education to begin to propose solutions to wicked problems in your community, your state and your country?

So what would this look like?

A Public Policy Platform

You would need a platform that was independent, unbiased, bipartisan, issue agnostic, debate focused and open to everyone. But the platform would have to have real teeth. The platform would have to interface with the lawmakers. Just as Senator Simitian’s contest did. The platform would have to be in a form that politicians are willing to understand and accept and you would have to work with multiple groups of, in some cases stranger and people who oppose your idea.

I am proposing this idea because I am reading the comments that so many of us make to articles online. I am doing this because I am studying the observations so many of us make and the questions we ask in specific Q&A sites or about movie reviews or opinions about a particular business and we do this on a constant basis.

Clearly, we have ideas and we want to be heard. Clearly, we have an opinion and we want to share it and make an impact on our little corner of the world.

So if we have ideas about restaurants, movies, TV shows, fashion, products, celebrities and news articles how much of a stretch is it for us to have ideas about the singularly most important issues in our life that deal with our future and over which we have a high level of control? The world of politics and policy.

It only takes one or two or sometimes three or four people to get the ball rolling and then you find that people will locate like-minded people and begin to contribute one way or the other to the things they believe in. So if it’s books, movies, television, entertainment, fashion, jewelry, restaurants, groceries or experiences can we move this one more inch to include politics but specifically not identity politics but political issues, public policy, that will have a tremendous positive factor in our lives if we come together to help our political leaders solve some of the thorny problems they are constantly wrestling with?

I think we can. In 2017 I think we have a great opportunity before us.

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